Basic Swirl Removal Techniques

Car: 1995 Nissan 240SX

Introduction: To start off, this car wasnt too bad but it needed help. The paint was pretty new but already it had some seriously bonded water spots. There were also some bad swirl marks from lack of wax or other protection for the clear. In addtion to that there was some bad marring and swirling from where someone had taken a buffer to the paint and did not know what they were doing.

Water spots: These were bonded into the clear, a good indicator that this paint was not properly protected. They had to be removed first before any protection could be added.

Swirls on the untreated drivers side: Another indicator that the clear coat was bare on this car, these swirls were from basic washing and drying. To achieve a clearer reflection and glass like paint, the clear coat had to be smoothed and then protected to prevent further damage.

And the treated passenger side: Not only were the swirl marks removed, but the paint reflected more clearly and deeply than before.

Orange Peel: There was also a good bit of orange peel left in a few places. I couldve done slightly better had I wet sanded but due to some time constraints I could only use my buffer. Overall I was still pleased with the results.

Untreated: The reflection has an unwanted "underwater" look to it.


Large Scratch Removal: There was also a pretty nasty scratch/gouge on the passenger side mirror. The majority of the scratch had not gone into the basecoat of paint so it was safe to remove it without doing any damage.

And Viola, the scratch is gone!