Major Scratch Repair and Swirl Removal

Car: 2006 APR Tuned VW GTI SEMA Show Car

Introduction: A few weeks before the SEMA Car Show in Las Vegas, I received a call from APR (Audi Performance Racing.) They were in a small panic, as they had been working to get their GTI done in time for the show but had accidentally let the garage door of the shop close on the rear hatch. Luckily, the paint was nearly brand new and was very resilient, so no touchups were needed. The scratches were only in the clear coat but they were very deep. I had to be very careful not to remove any paint from the rear hatch as there was no time for a repaint. My work was clearly cut out.

Scratch Removal: These deep scratches required lots of patience and time to be worked out of the clear coat. I started with some less agressive compounds in an effort to remove only the needed amount of clear but to no avail. After a few hours of working and a few different combinations of pads and compounds, 90% of the deep scratches were gone and the ones that remained were not noticeable at all.

Before: Slightly out of focus but the scratches are clearly visible.

After: Scratches are gone and a deeper, smoother reflection is achieved.

Other Scratches and Swirls: After removing the scratches from the rear hatch, I was asked to look over the entire car very carefully to see if there had been any other damage to the paint. I was pleasantly surprised to find only one other major scratch in the rear bumper. Several people had been working on this car all day for many weeks so there was bound to be some wear and tear on the new paint.

Before:You can see the large scratch here as well as some major swirling.

After: I was very happy with these results as well.

Swirl Marks: The fresh paint had not seen any type of protection yet so it swirled pretty easily. These were relatively simple repairs.


Final Inspection: Before the car was loaded on the tractor trailer for it's long trip to Las Vegas I inspected the car all the way around, making sure I had not missed any spots. I was able to clean everything to satisfaction before the car left.

A big thanks to APR for calling on my services to help be a part of such an awesome build! Good luck at SEMA!

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